29 December 2010

Tick Tock

I wait.
I hope
I think
I wait.
Maybe you ll be on
maybe you wont.
I wait.
Phone rings.
Its my mother
nothing new we need milk
I wait.
Will you come back?
I sit 
and I wait
Just five minuets
I wanna hear your voice
Just for a few seconds
I wait
The clock ticks
I wait
Time passes
I wait
I'm anxious
I'm impatient
but I wait.
How long can I wait?
I check the time
and I wait.
Days pass
I wait.
seasons change
I wait.
My hands grow stiff
I wait
My hair turns gray
And I wait.
My heart stops
I wait.
My bones crumble
I'm still waiting.
I meant it when I said forever.
Time is nothing
I wait.

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