19 March 2011

All this and yet...

They all hold a piece of my heart. Some a little more than others but yet they all have a part. They carry it close to their own, whether they know it or not. I can hear the beat of their hearts, feel the touch of their hands, feel the sound of their breath as it whispers secrets across my skin. It's like they never left. We move step by step in a dance that we will never forget. Every glance, every touch, every smile so familiar and yet exciting as it was the first time. I will never forget. As hard as I try.

Just like the waters that soothe me, I am bound by the pull of the moon. She calls to me in the dark, whispering, begging, pleading and screaming for me to give in. "Just one touch, Just one kiss. It's all you need. It's all you want. Come my child, you are weary let it soothe you."The voices fill my head. They all whisper so loudly. My heart pounds so loud in my ears. I feel like I'm going deaf all I can hear is my heart beat and yours. My skin crawls, begging for even the slightest touch to the point of where even water cannot even soothe it. I take a deep breath and my lungs burn. I'm smoldering but one touch from you and I'll ignite. I want it I need it. I'm begging please.

Will you light my fire?